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Tony Hutchinson Book List.  (about 10,000 listed).

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Pre 1699 books(approx. 10 listed)

2nd World War British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee Reports. (1800)

Family Coat of Arms, with Crest & Motto, original printed in 1768.   About 200 available at  £17.50 each. 

Punch Books & Magazines.     (approx. 150 listed)

Old Auction Catalogues.     (Sotheby's, Christies, etc, approx. 3000 available)

Country Life.    (approx. 300 listings - bound vols & individual magazines)

Illustrated London News. (approx. 40 listings - bound vols & individual mags)

Shakespeare.  (over 100 early volumes)

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine.  (approx. 100 listings bound volumes)

Practical Motorist Magazine.   (approx. 150 magazines mainly 1950s & 1960s)

Charles Dickens (pre 1899).  (about 50 volumes listed)

Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine.  (ALL NOW SOLD)

The Penny Magazine by Charles Knight (about 150 listed 1820's to 1840s). 

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